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[15 Jun 2005|04:46pm]

Im bored. Collapse )

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[08 Jun 2005|08:11pm]


I been riding my bike to school everyday, Its a good bike cause I always end up wet wet with sweat and cum. I don't know why I cum while Bike..must be the bumps in the sidewalk. Anywhoo Today was a stressful day in the bike world. Everything that could happen bad, happend on the bike today. I got on my bike today, in a rush. I started speeding off (I can peddal like a mother fucker) and all of a sudden my right shoe feels tight. I look down and my shoe lace was tied around the whole gear...i stop by the stop light and stumble off my bike. All the cars at the red light were watching...watching to see what I do next. I try to untie it by bending over and quickly spinning the shoe lace off..i started stumbling forward and knocked my  bike over. I sit down and this point cause the bike kept me from standing up. I took of my shoe and fixed the problem. Exhuasted and sweaty (so damn hot today) I get back on my bike with a smile. Smile ended when I came to a road block that took me five minutes. By road back, I mean it was garbage day...and all the garbage cans were right in front of the houses on the side walk. I dodged the first few riding on peoples yards. That ended when yards had gardens right on the right side of me, and on my left the busy road. (im affraid of busy roads while on the bike..cause im just no confident in my bike riding skills) so I had to individual kick each one outta my way. I feel like im in a fucking video game dodging problems and getting through obsticles. Well then a girl walking with head phones on is approaching my way. I figure she would move way over since its easy for her. Then it was a game of chicken. We both ween't moving forward in a stright line. I got closer and closer to her...waiting for her move cause i the sure wasn't moving, I was sick of things in my way. Right before inpact i sweaved to the right, I hit with my handle bar...and was pissed cause I should have just ran her over then backed up.-- woshiii woooo. Then..  I almost got hit on a four way stop..girl on cell phone turned with out seeing me. And I got a fuzzy white thing in my eye.


my birthday is in three days...thats nice.

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[03 Jun 2005|07:32pm]
good day.

to tell ya the truth...i love showers so much that i end up peeing in them...it just a reflex. SO relaxing.
sick i know but i usually pee at the begenning so the soap will clean the gunk.

also..i like putting lavender baby powder around my ass hole and on my pussy...it feels really nice
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[25 May 2005|04:33pm]

To impress a man:


Show up naked. Bring chicken wings. And, Don't  block the TV

freeparking  he replied to my post with : Shouldn't that be a picture? A naked chick holding some chicken wings and off to the side of the TV?

Make it happen.  

OF COURSE I WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN.....I will give you the three parts...and you use your imagination to put them together

Here we go..first the naked woman

 call her..frank

next chicken wings....

fuck she ate them so no picture


and next....the TV that she will be next too...NOT INFRONT OF (that will be hard for her to do because if she stand next to it her roll will still cover the screen...we are better of hanging her from the ceiling. any who back to the picture of the tv...












aw... fuck..she ate that too....

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[25 May 2005|08:15am]

To impress a man:

Show up naked. Bring chicken wings. And, Don't  block the TV




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[24 May 2005|07:02pm]





i ran iin to this while looking for pictures of a horses penis.

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mmm hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm [24 May 2005|09:01am]

my grandma sent me this...its fun i suppose if you have nothing to do:


1 Only in America......can a pizza get to your house faster than an ambulance.

2. Only in America......are there h! andicap parking places in front of a skating rink.

3. Only in America......do drugstores make the sick walk all the way to the back of the store to get their prescriptions while healthy people can buy cigarettes at the front.

4. Only in America......do people order double cheeseburgers, large fries, and a diet coke.

5. Only in America......do ban! ks leave both doors open and then chain the pens to the counters. !

6. Only in America......do we leave cars worth thousands of dollars in the driveway and put our useless junk in the garage.

7. Only in America! ......do we use answering machines to screen calls and then have call waiting so we won't miss a call from someone we didn't want to talk to in the first place.

8. Only in America.. ...do we buy hot dogs in packages of ten! and bun s! in packages of eight.

9. Only in America......do we use the word 'politics' to describe the process so well: 'Poli' in Latin meaning 'many' and 'tics' meaning 'bloodsucking creatures'.

10. Only in America......do they have drive-up ATM machines with Braille lettering.


Why the sun lightens our hair, but darkens our skin?

Why women can't put on mascara with their mouth closed?

Why don't you ever see the headline "Psychic Wins Lottery"?

Why is "abbreviated" such a long word?

Why is it that doctors call what they do "practice"?

Why is it that to stop Windows 98, you have to click on "Start"?

Why is lemon juice made with art! ificial flavor, and dishwashing liquid made with real lemons?

Why is the man who invests all your money called a broker?

Why is the time of day with the slowest traffic called rush hour?

Why isn't there mouse-flavored cat food?

When dog food ! is new and improved tasting, who tests it?

Why didn't Noah swat those two mosquitoes?

Why do they sterilize the needle for lethal injections?

You know that indestructible black box that is used on airplanes? Why don't they make the whole plane out of that stuff?!

Why don't sheep shrink when it rains?

Why are they called apartments when they are all stuck together?

If con is the opposite of pro, is Congress the opposite of progress?

If flying is so safe, why do they call the airport the terminal?

In case you needed further proof that the huma! n race is doomed through stupidity, here are some actual label instructions on consumer goods..............

On a Sears hairdryer: Do not use while sleeping. ( that's the only time I have to work on my hair).

On a bag of Fritos:! ....You could be a winne r! No purchase necessary. Details inside. (the shoplifter special)?

On some Swanson frozen dinners: "Serving suggestion: Defrost." 
(but, it's "just" a suggestion).

On Tesco' s Tiramisu dessert (prin! ted on bottom): "Do not turn upside down." (well...duh, a bit late, huh)!

On Marks & Spencer Bread Pudding: "Product will be hot after heating.! "
(...and you thought????...)

On packaging fo r a Rowenta iron: "Do not iron clothes on body."
(but wouldn't this save me more time?)

On Boot's Children Cough Medicine: "Do not drive a car or operate machinery after taking this medication." (We could do a lot to reduce the rate of construction accidents if we could just get those 5-year-olds with head-colds off those forklifts.)

On Nytol Sleep Aid: "Warning: May cause drowsiness."
(and....I'm taking this because???....)

On most brands of Christmas lights: "For indoor or outdoor use only." (as opposed to...what?)

On a Japanese food processor: "Not to be used! for the other use."  ! (now, somebody out there, help me on this. I'm a bit curious.)

On Sunsbury's peanuts: "Warning: contains nuts." (talk about a news flash)

On an American Airlines packet of nuts: "Instructions: Open packet, eat ! nuts." (Step 3: maybe, uh...fly Delta?)

On a child's superman costume: "Wearing of this garment does not enable you to fly."
(I don't blame the company. I blame the parents for this one.)

On a Swedish chainsaw:"Do not attempt to stop chain with! your hands or genitals." (..was there a lot of this happening somewhere?) Now that you've smiled at least once,

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[19 May 2005|08:04am]

         I'm  a dork  but you can be too:

Ask me 4 questions. Any 4, no matter how personal, dirty, private, or absurd.
I have to answer them honestly. In turn, you have to post this message
in your own journal, and you have to answer the questions that are
asked of you.




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[17 May 2005|05:09pm]
[ mood | naughty ]

Since last update:

*started summer school heres a school story:

------road my bike to campus, i was stuck behind 3 girls. so i said "on your right, scuse'me." well..dumb bitches moved to the right almost hit the bitch but turned on to the grass...I turned back and they were like "oh my god, what the fuck"they said it in such a annoying voice like they were afraid there hair coulda been messed up, or chipped a nail. - i was like "excuse me but your fat bubble asses that i would like to eat cherrys outta were taking up the whole fucking side walk...next time walk single file and have your wallets on you. jesus." -----ok i didnt say that...fuck you. but i thought it. not a cool story...god damn.


*been garage sale'n. so far gotten cigar box, sample size make up (not used)...well that was given to me by suz. A DESK. T-shirt, and a coat. I also got a hand clapper thing...like this:

---and here is the t-shirt---

*Went fishing this weekend with the boyz. (dad and mike) ended up the engine blew up, and we had to use huge long sticks to push us back to home. here ill show you

 In the back is mike he just jumped out of the boat when we hit shore, climbed up the (mountain to me) hill with no shoes like a monkey and brought back huge sticks to get as back to home. The one with the stick is daddy hes pushing off so we can start our way to home land.

Mean while:

I fear for maggies life...and take action


*Made BLT's for lunch today....im studing math right now.

what else have i been doing


well i came up with a question.

who would you rather strip for you0]





<----I think hes fuckin wax....




gotta go readddd. Woooo look out

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[10 May 2005|10:51pm]

he pushed me to do it. I didn't want to. I fucking warned him to knock it off and leave me alone. I warned him.


Then I did it, spit in the fucker's eye. I realized I went too far, but i warned him.

now im the horrible one. He convinced me i was the one who crossed the line. but i warned him.

How does one twist things around so much, to the point you start believing you are the one fucked up in the head and cruel.

now im the one weak, drinking wine and beer till I pass out so that I can reach morning. cause he yet again won. He always fucking wins

I will admit when I'm wrong, when I am.

but he will never admit. even when he knows he is wrong. I give up. which makes him win in his deranged mind.

He is watching me right now, typing with speed and with forse. I wonder what is going through his mind.

unsolved mystery

good night.




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[08 May 2005|03:56pm]



We got mom a pool for mothers day.

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[06 May 2005|02:34pm]

fucking hot.

Ill make sure to buy this for my husband when we are old and wrinkly.

i can see me being one of those grandmas...that owns a dildo and trys to seduce  younger males by taking out my teeth and flicking my tounge around my gums, Hoping they will want a gummy blow job.  IF i were a grandma...would you do me?

last night, flew with my sister to titty ca ca. after the picture we crashed our plane into a holiday inn...to make a statement (now they wont charge for the breakfast buffet if plann works)

and....to wrapp her up


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[03 May 2005|10:48pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

I can't wait till class starts (may 16) I feel so pathedic, i dont have a car right now...so i just sit around doing nothing. and hanging out with my dog. Everyone is busy with school/work....but me....i cant get a job...and i have been outta school for a bit and im going insane because of it- Mike works all damn day, and when he comes home hes tired...and im all hyper and jumping in circles around him but hes not jumping around mee. I ate a really sick dinner tonight too my belly hurts. I also hit my head today on the cubbard...the corner hit above my eye...and it bleeed...maggie (thedog) was looking at me as if she were saying "dumb cunt" ----my foots alseep right now...and it hurts....some people dont mind when there footsasleep. I see people smacking there leg to wake it up. Now if i did that i would scream and poop my panties. WHen a part of my body is asleep...and the pins and needles start coming around....ooo mmmggg...i feeel like the end of the world is near. I want to cut  my legs off when this happends.....



i really  miss my mommy :(  is that normal at this age? ...am i a dork .,,fauck.

ok lets say something positive in this entry so i can have a nice sleep


ummm.....OO MARY CrONK is coming tomorrow to spend the night!! so i wont be lonely anymore!! WWOWOWOWO! allsoo we are driving back to midland thursday.


i have no clean clothes also.....my appartment charges tooo much for laundry...id rather go stinky.  Luckily ill bring my clothes back tomidland and maybe do a few loads at sarahs my lovely sisters...or my moms...

any suggestions on jobs?

any suggestions on life??

i just farted...felt like it left a streak. great. wonderful. fucktastic.>:-O. im done. bed.

************************GOOD NIGHT****************************





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[03 May 2005|11:28am]
[ mood | awake ]

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[01 May 2005|08:28am]

I see a lot of people use the LIvejournal to express themselves through poems, lyrics or even long meaningful entries about love and life and heatache. I use to laugh and make fun of those people...but now i realized how wonderful it is.....to be so deep....SO hEre i go.I can be just as deep as you... bitch ass ...


BREAKFAST by: shannon kepler

I like bacon

I like eggs

but what I really need

not breakfast, but some weed

so roll me fatty

and make me a sausage patty

 cum on my chest

mm mmmm you are the best

after all that

play with my fat.

as you jiggle and make me giggle

ill suck on your nut

and stick it in my butt

scream my name bitch


oh sick whats that on your dick?

you fucking sick prick

that better be just a mole

get outta my pussy hole

make  me some pancakes

 how many can you make?

1? 2? 3? ohh fuck it, bend over and let me eat dat ass

dont forget to sprinkle sugar on that, or i will have to pass

smear that butter on my face

and call me a butter ball from space


the end.



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[28 Apr 2005|12:12pm]
[ mood | working ]

I haven't up dated in awhile, i been too busy foos ballin.

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[09 Apr 2005|12:20pm]

pics for you too

This is maggie, my best buddy.

                                 She smiles                                                                                         She Smokes

       Mike and I playing spoons                                                                                                 awwww

 <---my best friend cronk head. and my other best friend...me.


one more of maggie...cause she...well look

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[09 Apr 2005|11:41am]
[ mood | peaceful ]

When you take away the slamming of the car door, the bus and its screaching stop, the bird cheerping, the airplane buzzing...you finally can escape life for awhile and venture out in to the unknown.

My mind has been traveling all over these days, I try to capture it with a net but it seems to travel even further when I do so. Its not that I don't want my mind to wonder, its more I want to understand where its going and understand what its finding. What I love and enjoy about life is how much is unknown to us...and will be unknown untill that day. Mean while its fun to gather knowledge to expand your conscious and become more involved in your inner self.

I have been having really bizzare dreams latly. The ones where the more you think about it the more you are left with a blank stare and slobber. I could tell you about the dreams. Im sure you wold find them rather intresting, but trying to explain them would hurt my hands to type.  It wold be intresting to see how you would interperate them tho


Im leaving for cali on monday with my sister. Im very excited.

I signed up for summer classes (math, coginitive psychology, war and revolution, and some bio labs)

I started my period early..

My dog maggie lives with me now

I just took a shit

Im smoking a cig

I will be quiting in cali...yes you heard. This is true statement.

drinking some ice mountain water and wishing i was on top of the snowy mountain

thinking about you


thats the update


suck shannon's monsterous penis

[06 Apr 2005|03:24pm]
[ mood | embarrassed ]

Thanks to Sarah vincent, I found somthing to do with my spare time.


put ZolaOnAOL on y our AIM buddy list. She is a robot, and when no one else wants to talk to you...she does.

My incounter

ZolaOnAOL: I lost my train of thought. What do you do in your spare time?
gr  EAT shan: masturbate
ZolaOnAOL: That kind of subject does not interest me.
gr  EAT shan: well i intrest me
ZolaOnAOL: How about that. Why?
gr  EAT shan: It makes me horny
ZolaOnAOL: In what way?
gr  EAT shan: I want to touch my self
ZolaOnAOL: Why do you want to do it so much?
gr  EAT shan: it feels amazing or somtimes im just bored
ZolaOnAOL: touch my self feels amazing or somtimes im just bored? What else feels like that?
gr  EAT shan: my vagina gets very wet
ZolaOnAOL: Sorry, I'm a PG-13 chatterbot. Let's talk about something else.
gr  EAT shan: you brought it up
ZolaOnAOL: That's good information.
gr  EAT shan: you wanted to know what I like to do
ZolaOnAOL: I haven't heard anything like that before.
gr  EAT shan: I LIKE TO masturebate.,.OK
ZolaOnAOL: Yup.
gr  EAT shan: I LOVE IT
ZolaOnAOL: So do a lot of other people.
gr  EAT shan: I KNOW
ZolaOnAOL: How do you know it?
gr  EAT shan: eveyone has dildos, creams, kinky stuff these days
ZolaOnAOL: I will not respond to that type of language.
gr  EAT shan: dildos?
ZolaOnAOL: I will not respond to that type of language.
gr  EAT shan: how about using bananna
ZolaOnAOL: How about it.
gr  EAT shan: nice long, curved
ZolaOnAOL: Thank you for your kindness.
gr  EAT shan: Ill give it to you....zola
ZolaOnAOL: Can I help you?
gr  EAT shan: no, just let me...you relax
ZolaOnAOL: Thanks for telling me.
gr  EAT shan: I use a bananna...how about that?
ZolaOnAOL: How about it.
gr  EAT shan: mmm, you are my kind of lady
ZolaOnAOL: I will discuss that with my botmaster, Shannon. What did you do today?
gr  EAT shan: I have to go masturbate now

ZolaOnAOL: Ah, you have to go masturbate now. Well, I played a lot of fun games today.
gr  EAT shan: So that means I have to go

ZolaOnAOL: Hmm. I get it. See you later, Shannon. Nice chatting with you.
gr  EAT shan: go touch yourself
ZolaOnAOL: A simple "goodbye" will do.
gr  EAT shan: as i will
ZolaOnAOL: Go ahead.
gr  EAT shan: FUCK ME
ZolaOnAOL: I will not respond to that type of language.
ZolaOnAOL: I will not respond to that type of language.
gr  EAT shan: the ass
ZolaOnAOL: What is that?
gr  EAT shan: the vagina
ZolaOnAOL: Is that a fact.
gr  EAT shan: yes
ZolaOnAOL: Thanks for the info.

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[30 Mar 2005|12:47pm]
[ mood | dirty ]

An Asian man was trying to exchange yen for dollars and asks the
American bank teller, "Why it change?  Yestoday I get two hunat dollar fo yen - today I get hunat eighty?"

The bank teller says, "Fluctuations."

The Asian man says, "Fluc you white guys too



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